Golden Race Algarve 2016 Review

Last September, as the European racing season came to a close, hundreds of fanciers from all corners of the world gathered in Monte Gordo, for sun, relaxation and Pigeon Racing. Growing yet again on previous years, a large contingent of the UK and Ireland’s pigeon fraternity made the annual trip out to Golden Race Algarve, to enjoy what has become a pilgrimage for the final race of 2016. Continue reading Golden Race Algarve 2016 Review

Golden Duif Awards, Antwerp Belgium

On the 18th of February 2017, planes trains and automobiles carried the twenty strong contingent of UK fanciers, comprising of the winners together with invited guests, to the 36th Golden Duif awards in Antwerp, Belgium. This being the first time the UK and Ireland could compete for the Golden Duif award meant that those who had entered and won, could truly place themselves on the International podium to receive the accolade of peers in the heart of Europe.

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