British International Championship Club Alencon 17-5-15

Gladwin, Jarvis & Family

When I arrived at the lofts of John Gladwin, which is also his wife, Teresa’s childhood home, I learned that this is where her late father, the name Jarvis in the partnership, raced his pigeons.GB13P37662-Head A bottle of Champagne had been delivered by one of their club mates and it was a nice token of respect with the accolade that this British International Championship Club win deserves, and it was also seven years to the day that Teresa’s mother Maxine, passed away. So the win was seen as a timely reminder of her love and support of the pigeon family.Gladwin-Jarvis-&-Family

John works in London for an Oil company and every day he has an hour and forty minutes commute, This makes for a long day away from home and with his current position within the company, he could be called upon at any time to travel the globe on behalf of his business, so his pigeon racing does not get the time required to race successfully. But one day, a couple of years ago, fortune favored two men from different parts of the country.  Alan Armstrong, of the very successful Armstrong & Wheatly partnership in the Midlands, decided he needed another challenge and moved to the next door cottage, and began to help John manage his well established racing team, and it has not taken them long to win big.Alen-Armstrong

On the day, the pigeons were expected to achieve higher speeds than they did, and after watching single birds going past, they thought they were well off the pace, “Meg Murrey and Micky Watts have been racing good pigeons” said John, “and their loft positions are just a few miles behind”, so he fully expected one of them to have pigeons at the time expected.


John has always been a sprint to Middle distance racer in the past, but now they have invested in some longer distance bloodlines , with an eye on the Internationals. So they decided to switch the sprinters and race them on the North Road and the long distance pigeons on the South Road to concentrate on the future. So in preparation for the distance races, Alencon was lined up to be a training race for them. and had only had a few seven mile training tosses plus two short club races before going into the baskets for the 218 miles from Alencon.John-Gladwin

They had left a  few of the middle distance pigeonst in this team in case a faster pigeon was needed in any of the races. A good idea because the winning pigeon is one of these, being of Frans Zwols bloodlines. Now named “Max” after his late mother in law, John said he had only been widowed a few weeks previous, after being paired up initially in March and when he came, he had “really had a go” at the effort because he stumbled a little upon arrival.Nestbox

For the future and the longer distances, John has bought bloodlines in from Mark Gilbert of Winkfield and Rutz & Sons in Germany, with which to build his team. But his Frans Zwols  were acquired in 2010, and have really established themselves, with 2013 being a golden breeding year, for the amount of wins achieved, for not only John, but others who he has bred them for as well.Loft-Interior

On the North Road, these pigeons have won against 4800 to 5500 pigeon so John is really happy with the decision to bring them into his lofts.


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