British International Championship Club Falaise 10-5-15

Martin Flook, South East London

The first race of the 2015 season for the British International Championship Club was postponed due to a very poor weather forecast. During the next few days it was decided by the Committiee that the race would go ahead the following Saturday.NWHU13E8995-Flook

The winning bird was a yearling hen flying into south east London and belonged to Matrin Flook.Martin-Flook-Handling

Martin has only been racing at this address for the past two years having previously flown in partnership with his father, who also lives nearby, and due to the limited space available he has a very small set up of just 6 pairs of old birds and 20 youngsters. A few stock pairs are also kept next to his loft but again space and numbers are limited.Martin Flook-BICC Falaise 2015

It was refreshing for me to visit a National winning loft set up like this, as it reminded me of the many little lofts dotted about the estates when I was a boy. Martin keeps all the racers and their youngsters flying to the one loft and will even exercise them together after he returns home from work. He knows it’s not ideal but with his time constraints, it has to be.Old-&-Young-Together-2

The hen, now called “Lady Falaise” was sent racing to her first nest of the season and was paired up one month before the race, and had the race gone ahead as planned, she would have been sitting 14 days or so. But it was delayed for a week so during that time, Martin had slipped two more eggs under her, which meant she was sitting four eggs.Hand-Feeding

On the day of basketing, Martin noticed one of the eggs was hatching, so he knew she would be very keen to get home to her first baby of her life. He duly marked the youngster with a piece of string around one leg and put it under a stock pair for the duration of the race, returning it soon after the hen had completed her British International Championship Club win from Falaise.Loft-Set-Up

Being of Busschaert bloodlines, her mothers father was Champion Dark Eyes, a super pigeon which won five club races with four first Federation prizes, and then went on to breed several winning pigeons, the mother being one of them. She won the Bromley two bird club from Falaise, a very tough race when only nine birds were timed on the day.Guard-Dog

The sire to “Lady Falaise” is a Louella Pigeon World bred pigeon, bought at the Blackpool auctions and is of Parkside Superman lines, also a Champion Busschaert that has been a golden breeder over the years.

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