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Padfield Family of Abertillery.

Masters of extreme long distance racing!

My visit to the Padfield Family loft this year was to photograph yet another extreme distance winner for them, this time from Barcelona, a distance of 758 miles to their loft in Abertillery. Over the past two years I have been to visit them several times to photograph first open National winners, such is the success these two brothers have in extreme distance racing. Continue reading Padfield Family of Abertillery.

A Welsh Loft in super form

Ron Scammell & Paul Peploe of Pontypool, South Wales

When a loft is racing well during the first half of the season, there may be a few club wins and maybe even a couple of federation wins that make other fanciers take notice. But when a loft has several National wins along with top open positions, the pigeon fancy as a whole begin to take notice. One such loft is Sammell & Peploe of Pontypool, South Wales and their National results in the first half of this season are as follows; Continue reading A Welsh Loft in super form