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National & International Winning Fanciers 2


What mixture do you feed during the moult?

Mark: I feed Versele Laga corn and use their Moulting Mix and I find it excellent. I have found that they can get a little heavy on it but I am not too concerned because of the time of year. They do grow very good feathers using this mixture and I am very pleased with the results. I find the quality of the corn is very good and I like the pellets included because they have vitamins added. Continue reading National & International Winning Fanciers 2

National & International Winning Fanciers

Champion Fanciers  featuring Mark Gilbert, Windsor & Roger Lowe, Reading.

Loft Design

What makes an ideal loft environment?

Mark: I think for me the most important thing is to make sure there is no draught, pigeons do not do well in a draughty loft. I do not have any ventilation in the front of the loft only a 15cm gap in the eves.
The air then comes in and because it is cooler than the loft environment, it is heavier and drops down thereby pushing out the warmer stale air. Continue reading National & International Winning Fanciers