Frank & George Bristow Midlands National Flying Club “Bordeaux” 28th July 2014

Yet Another Blue Ribbon Race Won at the Bristow Loft!

The Midland Social Circle and the Lancashire Social Circle have been closely tied and intertwined for the last 50 years, and life long friendships have been formed, with the common interest of National racing.

Both clubs have a very limited membership, and applications far exceed the available places each year, which is how it should be. For any club that aspires to promote the National pigeon racing, in the Blue Ribbon races, held by the National Flying Club, Midlands National Flying Club and the North Road Championship Club, should ensure that fanciers of ability, can compete against one another, on an equal standing of just two nominated pigeons.Frank-&-George-Bristow

These two pigeons are selected by each fancier, from his total entry into the National races, and are submitted to the relevant secretary of each club before the race begins. The few élite pigeons, owned and raced by the fanciers that are fortunate enough to become members, race against each other, and great respect is given to the breeding, amongst his peers, in our chosen sport.NWHU13X4117

Also, our two clubs, who meet twice per year for social functions, hold a young bird exchange race. Each member who takes part will submit their name, and provide two young birds from their very best bloodlines. Lots are drawn to match lofts, from both clubs, which will then swap and race these youngsters in the young bird National races of that year.

At the social functions, lots of feedback ensures quality-breeding stock can be quickly recognised and duly appreciated.

Over the years this has provided an excellent stage to test the real quality of a particular breeding pair because a fancier can send his pigeons to another fancier to race, knowing that they will be of equal measure in ability, to maximize the prospects of the bloodline. NWHU13X4117-Eye

Frank Bristow, is a member of the Midlands Social Circle, and for years has developed a strong friendship with many top fanciers in the Lancashire Social Circle. Indeed, when Frank won the North Road Championships Blue Ribbon Race from Lerwick in 2008, with a his pigeon called “Kessie”,  it contained the bloodlines of an exchange between him and Brian Barnes. Equally so, he has now won the Blue Ribbon Race in the Midlands National Flying Club, with a pigeon that originates from the exchange in the two Social Clubs between him and Dennis Little, who is pictured with Frank at the heading of this article.

Frank had become very good friends with Dennis, a member of the Lancashire Social Circle, from the original young bird exchange many years ago, and the friendship resulted in many pigeons being passed between the lofts, over the years, as gifts to one another. The winner of the Midlands National Flying Club Bordeaux race this year, a distance of 550 miles, was bred by Dennis Little, but with 50% of the bloodline originating from Franks loft, from one of these gift birds.NWHU13X4117

Dennis had acquired a very good long distance pigeon from a top distance fancier, Mr. David Impett, of Blackpool, out of his champion pigeon “Northern Star” which won first section L 12th Open National Flying Club Grand National, held from Tarbes, and flying a distance 748 miles. He had coupled it with a daughter of Franks NRCC Lerwick winner. One of these youngsters he gifted back to Frank who raced her to win one of the biggest Blue Ribbon races in the UK calendar.

She is just a yearling, raced on the widowhood system and had been to all the Midlands National races this year, making it her fifth time over the channel from France and Franks performances, this season in the Midlands National Flying Club have been nothing short of outstanding. He has won his section in all of the races except one in which he came second, and has been consistently high up in the open result and no doubt he will continue to shine in the two young bird raced held in September and the overall Championship is well within his sights.

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