National Flying Club~Messac 6-5-15

Glyn & Gavin Buckley

Gavin & Glyn Buckley are two brothers who fly in partnership, managing a loft based on a local allotment. They both have young families and commitments so in 2008 they joined together to share the workload which makes good sence for them both.Gavin-&-Glyn-Buckley

On the day they had been watching the updates on the National Flying Club website, to get an idea of the time required for a good position in the section, and when the Birmingham pigeons began to show on the provisional result, they switched it off, as they always do, to await their first pigeons.GB12Z54645-Buckley

This is happening all over the country and with the fresh south west wind increasing in speed as the pigeons went further north, section K were favorites to win. So they had calculated an estimated time of arrival for a good pigeon and began to settle into the usual waiting positions in the loft a few minutes before, when Gavin spotted a pigeon coming towards the loft very fast.GB13X21553-Buckley

He called out to Glyn who stood in disbelief, as she circled round and round for what seemed like an endless two minutes, when a second pigeon joined her. They trapped together and were duly timed on the electronic timing system, just nine seconds apart.First-&-Second-Open-Pair

They knew they were good times and once verified them with the club, they calculated their velocity to realise they would take first and second section plus first and second open on the provisional result. Of course, at that time, there were longer flyers to come in and in section K too so a nervous three hours followed, with every update eagerly awaited for, until they knew they could no longer be beaten.Racing-Loft-Interior-2

It transpired that the two pigeons had recently paired together after the demise of the hens previous partner. This left her without a mate for a couple of weeks, until the Wednesday before the race, when they noticed she had gone into a nest box with a new cock, and they left them together until basketing the next day.Race-Loft-1

They are raced on the Roundabout system which they begin after rearing a round of youngsters. Once they are flying well separated, Gavin trains them every morning before work, with the hens being liberated first, and ten minutes later the cocks. At the home end Glyn will see them in to be fed and then he also sets off for work. In the evening Gavin will let the cocks out for exercise and an hour later the hens also get an hours liberty. During this time the lads keep everywhere clean and tidy.Racing-Loft-Interior-1

The hen is bred from a pigeon called “Miss Moneypenny” who won £3500 in two seasons for the partners, but was sadly lost in 2014 and the cock is of Braspenning bloodlines although the loft is founded around a twenty year old cock, that they still have, who flew Niort fives times on the day at 510 miles. Now they will try to acquire the bloodlines of pigeons that have won either section L or K and are not interested in pedigrees, just the best pigeons that have won to their area and distances.Race-Loft-2

Each year they breed a good team of youngsters and train them well and up until this season, where they had already won the section L in the first race being sixth open, their best result was timing the longest flying bird on the day from Saintes 2014.



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