National Winning Loft Frank & George Bristow, Horbling Part 8

Present Winning Bloodlines

What is the base bloodlines of the pigeons in your loft at this moment

I am willing to try any pigeon if I think it may be faster than my own but I have three main lines within my loft that are my mainstay at the moment. There are the Cassaert pigeons, that I have had direct from Maurice Cassaert for a number of years, which will do 500 miles on the day, but they are not typically overnight pigeons.

Middle Distance

Cassaert had won 5 Belgian Nationals! The first being with “The Invincable Montaban” that won by 20 minutes clear and was the only pigeon he entered. The next Belgian National he won was “Soulliac” which was again the only pigeon he entered. He also sent one pigeon to Brieve and won the National with a pigeon called “The Minstrel”

Frank Bristow & Willy Thas

He became a Euro millionaire over night when he sold every pigeon except for retaining two rounds of youngsters. The following year they won the yearlings National from Bourges and in 2012 he won the Bourges National out of 32000 pigeons and the Argenton National 37000 pigeons! I think they are the most under rated family of pigeons in Belgium, Maurice Cassaert was a master!Frank-Bristow-Lerwick-Montage

I have a few Willy Thas, of Melle.  Willy is a middle distance man, he fly in the East Flanders where they play for the money and the big money in Belgium is on the middle distance. They will go out further but his pigeons go each week to 500km and are bred for that distance. They will go a bit further as they are good pigeons and I cross them with the Cassaert pigeons as I feel they complement each other.


Eric Ceuleman & Frank Bristow

The week to week pigeons that I race are from Eric Ceulemans of Booischot in Belgium. They fly very well for me and go out a lot further than Eric ever thought they would, because he is a sprint man. He comes here two or three times per year and since speaking with me about my performances with his pigeons, he has been going out further with them, in fact he won the provincial from Bourges two years ago and last year he won a brand new car from Bourges which to him, is approximately 300 miles.MNFC-Bristow

With the Ceuleman pigeons I have crossed one or two but I mainly keep them together, although they are from different origins anyway. Eric will buy from the fastest pigeon in his area to be able to compete and not worry about the origin at all. I bought a pigeon from him that had won over six thousand euros as a youngster and I did not know it’s origin, I only bought it because of what it had won.Federation-Bristow

He told me a few years later it was down from a nest sister of the Kannibaal of Van Dykes. But, like he says, a pedigree is not necessary because they are either good pigeons or bad pigeons. And it’s true, the pedigree is just a piece of paper and although it is nice to know the origins, it’s not necessary at all.

Two Day Races

I have bought a lot of pigeons over the years to try to fly further than 500 miles but without success. Now it may be me but I find it difficult to hold them and at this moment in time I have some Bruggeman Brothers pigeons, via Dave Impit from Blackpool.NRCC-Bristow

Dave flys 747 miles from Tarbes to Blackpool which is exactly the same distance Bruggeman’s fly’s from Barcelona. They are two day pigeons and Dave always times in. He has flown Tarbes on the day before, but obviously with a helping wind. I like the type of pigeon so I am trying to work with them at the moment for the longer distance. I have a few here from Kipp and Son from Germany and Frans Waneers of Belgium, another long distance man, although his are more the 500 miles on the day type of pigeon.

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